Aki-ra v. Cambodia’s Landmines

I created this cross-media series to reveal how just one person can affect so much. My goal for the infographic was to establish a visual language while my intention for the motion piece was to breath life into Aki-ra’s story. Together they served as a call to action to benefit Amnesty International.

Hudson Loop

The client paired up with the organization, the East Coast Greenway Alliance in an effort to expand its audience. The bike ride was intended as fun and easy. So I carried that concept over to the digital & print collateral.

Email Invite for 10th Anniversary Gala

This was the first gala the client had held in nearly a decade. The skeuomorphic trend may have passed, but I still get a thrill when I look at this piece.

Quarterly Newsletters

From the beginning of my work with the THANC Foundation, the newsletter was a reliable way to help solidify the development of their brand. This project evolved over time to incorporate a cleaner and bolder style.

THANC the Cook

This was a challenging, multidisciplinary endeavor involving photography, crowdsourcing, illustration, manuscript design and storytelling. The end product was a traditional printed cookbook, as well as digital book available for download for a modest donation.

Calls to Action

I created this digital campaign to bring attention to the client’s important fundraising events. The grid and layout always stay the same from piece to piece. I challenge myself by exploring new color choices and incorporating different media.

2016 Annual Report

A digital annual report I put together establishing a cheerier, secondary palette for the client’s identity.